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Hot Universe Baryon Surveyor (HUBS)

The primary scientific objective of HUBS mission is to conduct a census of baryons in the hot circumgalactic/intergalactic medium and thus to directly address the issue of “missing baryons” in the local universe. Through high-throughput, high-resolution spectroscopic and imaging observations, HUBS will hope to measure the properties and spatial distribution of the hot medium, and to provide data for studying stellar and black hole feedback processes in galaxies. The results are expected to significantly impact our understanding of galaxy formation and evolution. At the same time, we will strive to fill a gap in the development of several technologies in China, including superconducting microcalorimeter, multiplexing readout electronics, cryocoolers, and large field-of-view X-ray focusing optics, and to push for their applications in X-ray astronomy, as well as in other fields.

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Contact: Wei Cui