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2023-01-03, 09:00
On Modelling Complex Systems in Astronomy
Dr.Yuan-Sen Ting (ANU)
2022-12-30, 09:00
A New Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Dr. Huan Yang (Perimeter Institute)
2022-12-29, 09:00
Cosmology with 3D maps of the Universe
Dr. Cheng Zhao (EPFL)
2022-12-27, 14:00
Universe seen through weak gravitational lensing
Dr. Mijin Yoon (GCCL)
2022-12-27, 09:00
Observational signatures of compact objects in active galactic nuclei
Dr.Hiromichi Tagawa (Columbia Univ)
2022-12-22, 14:00
Towards kHz Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Prof. Haixing Miao (THU)

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