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2022-12-22, 14:00
Haixing Miao's talk
Prof. Haixing Miao (THU)
2022-12-15, 14:00
Pengfei Chen's talk
Prof. Pengfei Chen (NJU)
2022-12-01, 14:00
Unveiling the astrophysics of cosmic reionization in the post-reionization era
Dr.Paulo Montero-Camacho (PengCheng Lab)
2022-11-17, 14:00
Cosmology with spectroscopic surveys
Dr. Cheng Zhao (NAOC)
2022-11-11, 10:00
Towards Precision Astrophysics for Warm Ionized Gas
Prof. Renbin Yan (CUHK)

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