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International exchanges for students

DoA is building international exchange programs with other world leading universities. Interested students are encouraged to contact astronomy faculty or Shude Mao ( ) for these opportunities.

1. A Joint PhD Program in Astronomy and Astrophysics between Tsinghua University and Leiden University

The program started on November 1, 2020, with an implementation period of 5 years. The two departments set up a joint Program Board responsible for the selection of the candidates (up to 2 outstanding applicants per year). Each candidate will have one supervisor based at Leiden University and one based at Tsinghua University, and shall sign a PhD Agreement with both parties in accordance with training rules and plans. After completing the doctoral examination, the candidate will receive a doctoral certificate from each university.

Doctoral Students Mobility Programme between Tsinghua University and University College London

The program started on March 6, 2020, with an implementation period of 5 years. UCL agreed to accept doctoral students annually (meaning each academic year) for a period of up to 48 months from Tsinghua. The students will enroll as full-time PhD students at UCL for doctoral programmes. The number of students enrolling at UCL shall be capped at (two) 2 doctoral students per academic year.

2. CSC “Astronomy internationalization research leading talent training”

Program implementation period is 3 years (2021-2023). This joint program is in collaboration with Leiden University and University College London. It aims to combine the "dual mentor" joint training scheme with the traditional study abroad model, focusing on frontiers research fields in astronomy. The program will have a special focus on the training of talents in cutting-edge technology and instrumentation for space satellites and ground-based observatories, which is crucial to astronomy as it is an observationally-led science discipline. The formation of our strong university alliances will train next-generation leaders in the field, both in terms of basic science explorations and development of new technologies, the latter with potential applications in other areas.

3. Summer program with Leiden university through their LEAPS program (, second-year or third-year students are eligible; Leiden will pay the airfare and local cost.

4. We have other exchange opportunities with leading universities such as Caltech, Berkeley, MIT, Princeton, please talk to your supervisor about such possibilities.