The 26th Education Forum experience sharing meeting of DOA held

On September 3rd, the 26th Education Forum experience sharing meeting was held on campus, and 11 faculty members attended the meeting. Prof. Yi Mao first conveyed the spirit of the 26th Tsinghua University Educational Work Symposium at the meeting and discussed relevant issues with the faculty. Afterwards, faculty members shared their insights and experiences in teaching and supervision of PhD students.

In particular, Prof. Shude Mao, chair of the department, emphasized that it is important to understand students mindset during class. Furthermore, he said homework is not only a tool for evaluating students, but ideally should be conducted interactively to become a learning experience. Profs. Hua Feng, Yi Mao, Sharon Wang, Zheng Cai and Song Huang also shared their experiences in effective communication with students. In addition to the daily scientific research work, all faculty members emphasized that care should be paid to the mental health of students.