Tsinghua Astronomy's 20th anniversary ceremony

Tsinghua Astronomy's 20th anniversary ceremony

On April 24th, on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University, a ceremony was held to celebrate the 20th birthday of Tsinghua Astronomy, Department of Astronomy (hereafter called DoA for short) at the Chuan Shan Academy—a classic and historical place.

(alumni greeting Prof. Tipei Li happily)
(ceremony site)
(Host: Prof. Hua Feng)
(Prof. Shude Mao made a speech)
(Prof. Tipei Li giving a history and a future vision of Tsinghua astronomy)

Prof. Hua Feng hosted the ceremony. Prof. Shude Mao, chair of DoA, introduced the current status and the next-five-year plan of DoA. Prof. Tipei Li, Shuangnan Zhang and Charling Tao who led the Tsinghua Astronomy discipline in the past, told the history about how the astronomy discipline was established and grew during the last 20 years; they also expressed their fond memory and their best wishes  for the future of DoA.

(Prof. Shuangnan Zhang gave a talk remotely)
(Prof. Charling Tao gave a video speech)

Several alumni representatives shared their unforgettable memories, studying and working experiences. Since some of the alumni and most of students cannot come to the scene due to covid-19, many of them attended online.

(Alumni shared stories)

By the end of the ceremony, Zhiqiang Huang—the Vice President of Public Affairs and Michelle Gao—Director of Government Relations & Public Affairs for AMD Greater China along with Shude Mao awarded the "2020 AMD Scholarship" to graduate students, and Prof. Tipei Li awarded the "2020 Lin-Bridge Scholarship" to the most outstanding undergraduate student in astronomy in the year.

(AMD scholarship award)
(The Lin-Bridge scholarship award was awarded to Yixian Chen by Prof. Tipei Li)

All the alumni, faculties and students enjoyed a happy gathering in the ceremony. We all looking forward to get together again at the 25th anniversary.