Papers About the AGNs

She et al. (2017; Paper I) searched in the public archive of the Chandra X-ray Observatory as of March 2016 and assembled a sample of 719 galaxies within 50 Mpc that were observed with ACIS. By cross-correlation with the near-infrared (or optical/radio) nuclei of these galaxies, 314 of them were identified to have an X-ray active galactic nucleus (AGN). The majority of them are low-luminosity AGNs and are unlikely X-ray binaries based upon their spatial distribution and luminosity functions. The properties of these nearby AGNs were discussed in two following papers: She et al. (2017; Paper II) described a population of low-mass black holes associated with late-type galaxies, and She et al. (2018; Paper III) discussed the central engine of low-luminosity AGNs and revealed that the outflow is positively correlated with the accretion rate at the low Eddington regime. Following the approach in Paper I, Bi et al. (2020; Paper IV) constructed an extended catalog up to 150 Mpc and make a cross-correlation with a catalog of nearby galaxy groups. The new sample enables studies of black hole activities in the context of group environment. Bi et al. suggest that the secular process is not the dominant mechanism feeding AGNs in the local universe.

Tables and Figures in Paper I

Table 1

General information of the 719 galaxies in the catalog.

Table 2

X-ray properties of the 719 galaxies in the catalog.

Table 4

X-ray spectral properties for 156 AGN candidates that have sufficient counts.


Spectral modeling figures (156 AGNs; see Table 4 for spectral details)

Figure 5 in She et al. (2017)