Motions of the CGM gas and of satellite galaxies that belong to two example galaxies since z=4

The galaxy is projected along the Z-axis of the simulation box. In each panel, the thin vectors indicate the velocities on the X-Y plane of the gas cells that are gravitationally-bounded to the central galaxy. The colors and the lengths of the vectors indicate the metallicity and the speeds of the gas cells. The black stars represent the satellite galaxies that have stellar masses larger than 1E9 solar masses and are located around the central galaxy. The black arrows associated with the satellite galaxies (black stars) represent the velocity of the satellites on the X-Y plane. For visual purposes, the normalization of the galaxy velocity vectors are 2.5 times that of the gas velocity vectors. The black plus symbol at the center represent the central galaxy. The upper and bottom panels in each case are color-coded by the gas temperature and metallicity, respectively.
Galaxy ID-434303: a present-day star-forming galaxy

Galaxy ID-466182: a present-day quenched galaxy