Gravitational Wave Memory and its stochastic background

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 时间:   Thursday, May 19, 2022, 02:00pm
 标题:  Gravitational Wave Memory and its stochastic background
 主讲人:   Prof. Zhoujian Cao (BNU)
 地点:  Online via Zoom


Gravitational wave memory is an outstanding theoretical prediction of general relativity. It may give an insight to fundamental physics such as quantum gravity. Alongwith the development of gravitational wave astronomy, the gravitational wave memory may be detected in the near future. In this talk I will introduce the physical picture of gravitational wave memory and its relation to fundamental physics. Also I will talk about the possible detection methods of gravitational wave memory and the implications to astrophysics.

Zhoujian Cao graduated from Beijing Normal University in 2001 and got his PhD degree in 2006 also from Beijing Normal University. Afterwards he worked as an assistant professor, an associated professor and a full professor in the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS. From 2017 he worked as a professor in DOA of Beijing Normal University. His research interests include general relativity, gravity theory and gravitational wave astronomy.

Host: Dandan Xu


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