The First Census of Metals in Dwarf Galaxies

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 Time:  星期二, 1月 12, 2021, 11:00am
 Title:  The First Census of Metals in Dwarf Galaxies
 Speaker:  Dr. Yong Zheng (University of California Berkeley)

S727 & online via zoom


Metals, conventionally defined as elements heavier than hydrogen and helium, are actively circulated between galaxies and their circumgalactic medium (CGM). Dwarf galaxies are more efficient at propelling their metals into CGM through stellar feedback due to their shallower gravitational potentials. Recent years have seen emerging theoretical efforts to understand how feedback shapes dwarf galaxies’ CGM; however, there is a lack of observational evidence. In my talk, I will describe my resent works on the first census of metals in the CGM of some of the lowest mass galaxies. I will evaluate the performance of recent simulations of dwarf galaxies and highlight that, with a rich HST archive and upcoming facilities (e.g., FAST, LSST), it is now possible to bridge the gap between the theories and observations of the CGM of dwarf galaxies.

Dr. Zheng is currently a Miller Postdoc Fellow at the University of California Berkeley. She received a PhD from Columbia University in the City of New York. Before moving to New York, she completed her bachelor degree at Peking University. Dr. Zheng's research interests include galaxy evolution and the cosmic baryon cycle, and she is a frequent user of the Hubble Space Telescope, the Keck Observatory, and several radio facilities.

Host: Sharon Xuesong Wang