Some new applications of strong lensing systems (informal talk)

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 Time:  星期三, 12月 04, 2019, 10:30am
 Title:  Some new applications of strong lensing systems (informal talk)
 Speaker:  Prof. Marek Biesiada (Univ. of Silesia)



Following the first observational confirmation of General Relativity in famous expedition led by Eddington, whose centenary was celebrated this year, strong gravitational lensing has emerged as a fruitful theoretical and observational discipline.

By now strong lensing has become a mature research field and brought important results both in extragalactic astronomy (study of galactic structure), dark matter and extrasolar planets searches (microlensing) and cosmology (alternative determination of the Hubble constant). However, the potential in this field is much bigger and not sufficiently explored yet. Moreover, the forthcoming sky surveys like DES and the LSST will provide an unprecedented catalogs of strong lensing systems.

In my talk I will review some recent results on new avenues along which the strong lensing can be developed. First is the cosmological model independent determination of cosmic curvature possible by using strong lensing systems. Second is the possibility to constrain modified gravity theories in the parametrized post-newtonian (PPN) formalism. Third promissing application is connected with recent successful detections of gravitational waves. This opened up a new window on the Universe and in the not so far future we could expect to see some of such signals being lensed. I will also discuss the vision of what the strong lensing of gravitational waves can bring.

Host: Prof. Dandan Xu