Wang, Xuesong Sharon

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Assistant Professor




Sharon is an expert in detection and characterization of exoplanets using radial velocities (RVs). Her main research interest is in finding Earth-like planets in our solar neighborhood. She specializes in spectral data analysis and RV extraction, as well as mitigating the stellar jitter signal, which is the bottleneck for detecting Earth analogs at the moment. She is leading the RVx collaboration ( to tackle the problem of stellar jitter observationally with simultaneous Kepler or TESS data and ground-based RV data. She is a member of multiple exoplanet surveys and RV instrument teams, including the Magellan TESS Survey, MINERVA, and WIYN/NEID. Before joining Tsinghua DoA in Fall 2020, she was a Carnegie Fellow in Astronomy and Planetary Science at Carnegie Observatories and Carnegie DTM (now EPL). She received her PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics at Penn State University in 2016.