Planet formation in stellar clusters

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 Time:  Thursday, November 26, 2020, 04:00pm
 Title:  Planet formation in stellar clusters
 Speaker:  Prof. Thomas Haworth (QMUL)

Online via Zoom (Meeting ID: 973 2538 0504 PW: 202011)


Planets form from discs of material around young (oduced in clusters. There is a growing realisation that planet-forming discs are not isolated systems and instead are influenced by the gravitational and radiation effects of stellar neighbours in the cluster. In this talk I will review recent evidence for the impact of environment on planet forming discs, including the discovery of new proplyds in the ~0.2-0.5Myr old part of NGC 2024 which demonstrates that environment can affect discs very early on. I will also discuss new directions for the future, with the ultimate goal of understanding if and how the star formation environment imprints upon planetary populations.

Prof. Haworth completed his PhD at the University of Exeter in 2014, in which he worked on radiation hydrodynamic models and synthetic observations of stellar feedback under the supervision of Tim Harries. He then moved to the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge to work with Cathie Clarke on internal protoplanetary disc photoevaporation from late 2013-2016. Following this he was a junior research fellow at Imperial College London from 2016-2019 working on the evaporation of discs by nearby stars in clusters. He is now a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow and lecturer at Queen Mary University of London where he continues his research into the effect of environment on discs.

Host: Chris Ormel

Slides: 20201126-Haworth.pdf