Xuening Bai's Computational Astrophysics Research Group

My research group focuses on two areas: protoplanetary disks and planet formation, and plasma astrophysics, mostly by means of numerical simulations using various tools (primarily Athena++ MHD code). On the former, we study many aspects of gas dynamics in protoplanetary disks, as well as implications to observations and planet formation theory. On the latter, we study accretion disks, particle acceleration, cosmic-ray feedback, and dilute plasmas. Besides utilizing existing infrastructure including those we have built in the past, some group members also work on additional code (and algorithm) developments to build up additional tools, opening up new windows and research opportunities.


Haifeng Yang (CN Yang Fellow, 2018.8-): gas dynamics of early protoplanetary disks
Yuhiko Aoyama (Shuimu scholar, 2019.9-): planet-disk interaction and circumplanetary disks
Pinghui Huang (2019.9-): implementing multi-fluid dust in Athena++
Prasun Dhang (2019.9-): GRMHD simuations of black hole accretion disks

Graduate Students

Xiaochen Sun (2018.9-): plasma astrophysics, implementing CR particles in Athena++
Shengtang Wang (2019.9-): inner region of protoplanetary disks
Xinyu Zheng (2020.9-): chemistry in protoplanetary disks
Zitao Hu (2020.9-): planet formation; plasma astrophysics
Xihui Zhao (2020.9-): circumgalactic medium

Undergrad Students

Haiyang Wang (2020.9-, Fudan Univ.): circumbinary disks

Other students

Ziyan Xu (2017.12-, PKU, GS, w/G. Herczeg): planetesimal formation
Can Cui (2018.1-, SHAO GS->Cambridge postdoc): gas dynamics in outer protoplanetary disks
Zhenghao Xu (2019.6-, PKU UGS->gap year->UCSB GS): computational hydrodynamics
Chris Bambic (2019.9-, Princeton GS, w/E. Ostriker): cosmic-ray streaming instability

Past members

Weihang Jia (2019.8-2020.8, Southwest Jiaotong Univ., UGS)
Runcheng Liu (2019.4-9, UGS)
Xiaosheng Zhao (2019.1-9, GS)
Zhanbo Zhang (2018.7-2019.6, PKU UGS->gap year->Industry)

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