• Director, Center for Astrophysics, Tsinghua University, 10/2014-Present
  • Researcher, National Astronomical Observatories of China, 10/2010-Present
  • Professor of astrophysics, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Univ. of Manchester, 08/2006-Present
  • Reader in astrophysics, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Univ. of Manchester, 10/2002-07/2006
  • Lecturer in astrophysics, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Univ. of Manchester, 1/2000-10/2002
  • Long-term postdoctoral fellow, Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics, 9/1995-12/1999
  • Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow, 9/1992-8/1995
  • PhD, Princeton University, 9/1988-8/1992
  • BsC, University of Science and Technology, 9/1984-8/1988
Board membership & editorship
  • I am on the board of the Thirty Meter Telescope and arXiv.org, and the Science Advisory Committee at the nearby KIAA
  • I am an editor of Science in China G and New Journal of Physics
  • Referees for the Astrophysical Journal, Monthly Notices, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Science, Nature etc, and a number of international funding agencies


Current Courses
  • Fall 2016, Frontiers of Astrophysics (undergraduate) [天文学前沿]
  • Fall 2016, Roaming between Physics and astrophysics (undergraduate) [漫游在物理和天文的交叉领域]
  • Spring 2016, Discovering the Universe (undergraduate@ucas) [发现宇宙@国科大]
  • Fall 2015, Frontiers of Astrophysics (undergraduate) [天文学前沿]
  • Fall 2015, Roaming between Physics and astrophysics (undergraduate) [漫游在物理和天文的交叉领域]
Past PhD students, undergrads and postdocs
    PhD : Martin Smith (2000-2003; professor@SHAO); Alex Wood (PhD, 2002-2006; industry); Dandan Xu (2006-2010.1; postdoc@Heidelberg); Szymon Kozlowski (2004-2007; staff@Warsaw); Richard Long (2005-2009; researcher@NAOC); Sarah Bryan (2007-2010; industry); Matthew Penny (2008-2011; Sagan Fellow@Ohio State); Jian Wang (2010-2012; industry); Ling Zhu (2010-2014; postdoc@Heidelberg); Qiran Xia (2011-2016; banking)
    Undergrads (selected) : Benedikt Diemer (2007-2008@Manchester; PhD@Chicago, 2015; postdoc@Harvard, 2016); Weichen Wang (2015-2016; PhD@John Hopkins); Wei Zhu (2013-2014; PhD@Ohio State); Ruizhu Chen (Jan. 2011, visiting undergrad; PhD@Stanford)
    Postdocs (selected) : Kyu-Hyun Chae (2001-2003) (Professor, Sejong University/South Korea); Nick Rattenbury (2004-2009) (Rutherfellow, New Zealand)
Current students and postdocs
    PhD : Rui Guo (2013-); Chao Li (2014-); Yunpeng Jin (2014-); Hongyu Li (2014-), Shunsheng Li (2016-); Shengdong Lu (2016-); Li Ma (2017-, jointly with Houjun Mo)
    Undergrads : Sizheng Ma (2014-, 4th year), Tianshu Wang (2016-, 2nd year),Weichen Zang (2016-,4th year, Zhejiang University), Yunchong Wang (2017-, 2nd year), Luchuan Liu (2017-, 3rd year)
    Postdocs : Zheng Zheng (2014-2017), Junqiang Ge (2013-),Xiaocheng zheng (2016-), Xiaojia Zhang (2016-), Yiping Shu (2015-)


Research interests
Selected publications ( Full refereed publications on ADS )

Public Outreach


Office:    623 Meng Min Wei Science building (蒙民伟科技大楼), Tsinghua University
Office@NAOC:    A502 NAOC , Chinese Academy of Sciences
Phone:    (+86-10) 62785861; (+86-10) 64806084
Email:    shude.mao [at] gmail.com