Scholarship Award Ceremony & Pizza Party

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Scholarship Award Ceremony & Pizza Party

In the afternoon of January 13th, 2017, the annual Scholarship Award Ceremony was held at S527, Mong Man-wai Science and Technology Building, Tsinghua University. Approximately 30 students and faculty participated in the event. Nine students were awarded the Tsinghua-AMD Scholarship, one student won the Lin-bridge Fellowship and two students were awarded the THCA Award Scholarship.

The event began with a speech delivered by Prof. Rencheng Shang, who introduced the history of the Tsinghua-AMD Scholarship, how the scholarship encouraged students to contribute more to astrophysics studies and how the annual event was held each year.

Afterwards Ms. Le Ping, The AMD program manager of University Strategy, gave a talk, extending her congratulations to students on their scholarship, and reminiscing the past friendship and partnership between THCA (Tsinghua Center for Astrophysics) and AMD (China) Co., Ltd., as well as mapping out the future of a better cooperation.

Then students went onto the front stage to receive their scholarship certificate one by one and a group photo was taken to record the precious moment. A pizza and fruit party followed later on, during which period everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the feast and communicate with each other.

The scholarship is not only to award students who have worked hard, kept good track of academic record and prepared well for the scholarship defense meeting, but also to lead students to stay curious and ambitious and contribute more to astrophysics research in a broad sense. This year ends with harvest and we deserve to celebrate a fruitful year, however, in the years ahead, we should aspire higher and work harder.