Zhou, Jianfeng (周建锋)

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Associate Professor

Email: zhoujf@tsinghua.edu.cn

Phone: 62792127


Jianfeng Zhou is the PI of Multi-band Imaging Lab (MBI) in Center for Astrophysics, Tsinghua University. MBI focuses on developing new imaging and image reconstruction techniques for astrophysical research as well as for commercial application. We joined the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT) project which will be the first Chinese space telescope, designed its image reconstruction software packages, and have been studying how to detect extended X-ray sources and Cosmic X-ray Background (CXB) by HXMT. We also involved in another Chinese space project STEP (Search for Terrestrial Exo-Planets), focused on micro-pixel accuracy astrometry and its application on super-resolution imaging techniques. By applying the observation time of traditional interferometric arrays, we are studying HI, the Moon's brightness temperature etc.. We proposed the concept of stellar radar which is able to detect the environment around a central powerful stellar object by analyzing its coherent light curve.

Multi-band Imaging Lab :http://cfa.tsinghua.edu.cn/
My personal website at department of engineering physics:http://www.ep.tsinghua.edu.cn/publish/ep/1732/2010/20101207151729226988282/20101207151729226988282_.html