Chaos and the time-reversibility paradox

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 Time:  Thursday, May 20, 2021, 04:00pm
 Title:  Chaos and the time-reversibility paradox
 Speaker:  Prof. Simon Portegies Zwart (Leiden)

S727 & Online via Zoom


During the Great Plague of London in 1965, Isaac Newton went for a 2 year quarantene in his home in Woolsthorpe, where he layed down the faundation of his later theories on calculus, optics and the law of gravitation. During the last year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the speaker have been working on one of the consequences of Newton's theory of gravitation, and it's relation to time reversibility. In this presentation he will discuss the consequences of chaos in Newton's law of gravity and its consequences for numerical simulations of self-gravitating systems and time travel.

Simon Portegies Zwart is professor of computational astrophysics at the Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands. His principal scientific interests includes high-performance computing, and its applications in astrophysics. This includes parallel algorithms and numerical integration techniques, but also multi-scale and multi-physics modeling, the evolution of hierarchical stellar and planetary systems, and the ecology of dense star clusters.

Host: Chris Ormel