New Methods for Cosmic Large-Scale Structure Analysis

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 Time:  Thursday, March 12, 2020, 02:00pm
 Title:  New Methods for Cosmic Large-Scale Structure Analysis
 Speaker:  Prof. Xiaodong Li (SYSU)

online via Zoom


I will introduce several new LSS analysis methods that we are working on. 1) The tomographic Alcock-Paczynski method, which overcomes the RSDs via looking at the redshift evolution, and is capable of extracting abundant information on 6-40 Mpc/h clustering scales. 2) The convolution neural network (CNN) technique, which allows we to infer the underlying cosmology information directly from the 3D matter density distribution. 3) The beta-skeleton method as a new tool for cosmic web analysis. I will introduce their concepts, the results we have obtained, as well as our plans for their application to the CSST data.

In 2012, Xiao-Dong Li got his PhD in USTC. He then went to the Korea Institute for Advance Study (KIAS) as a postdoc. There he spent four years working with Prof. Changbom Park, developing a new method doing the AP (Alcock-Paczynski) test, and applied it to the SDSS data. In 2017, he joined Sun Yat-Sen University as an associate professor. Host: Dandan Xu

Slides: 20200312-Li.pdf