The Origin of Cosmic Rays

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 Time:  Thursday, March 05, 2020, 02:00pm
 Title:  The Origin of Cosmic Rays
 Speaker:  Prof. Siming Liu (PMO)

online via Zoom


It has been more than one century since the discovery of cosmic rays in 1912. The origin of these energetic particles is still a matter of debate. Great advances have been achieved on cosmic ray measurement and in gamma-ray astronomy during the past decade, which help to strengthen a paradigm that most low-energy cosmic rays originate from supernova remnants (SNRs). After a few comments on the general theoretical issues related to the acceleration of charged particles, I will discuss our current understanding of particle acceleration in SNRs and their contribution to cosmic rays. Then I will discuss how future TeV gamma-ray observations, especially with the LHAASO,may help to address the origin of high-energy cosmic rays.

Siming Liu, got his PhD in Arizona University in 2002, then went to Stanford and LANL as a postdoc, 2008 joined University of Glasgow as a Marie Curie experienced Researcher. 2011 joined Research Professor of Purple Mountain Observatory CAS as a Research Professor, in Dark Matter and Space Astronomy Division. Host: Xuening Bai

Slides: 20200305-Liu.pdf