Future Events

2020 Dec 25, 03:20PM
DoA student seminar
DoA students
2020 Dec 31, 02:00PM
Dynamics and Origins of Planets Around Non-Solar-Type Stars
Dr. Man Hoi Lee (HKU)
2021 Jan 07, 09:00AM
Decipher the ubiquitous bursty phase in high-redshift galaxy formation
Dr. Xiangcheng Ma (University of California, Berkeley)
2021 Jan 08, 09:00AM
Bridging the Gap Between Galaxy and Star Formation with Star Clusters
Dr. Hui Li (Columbia University)
2021 Jan 11, 04:00PM
The radio-bright future of studying black holes
Dr. Maciek Wielgus (Harvard University)
2021 Jan 12, 11:00AM
The First Census of Metals in Dwarf Galaxies
Dr. Yong Zheng (University of California Berkeley)
2021 Jan 12, 04:00PM
High-resolution spectroscopy of ionized plasmas in the Universe
Dr. Junjie Mao (University of Strathclyde)

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